Fur: Man's Earliest Form of Trade, Technology, and Art

Below is a brief description of the various Popular Types of fur

Chinchilla Rex Lapin  

Chinchilla Rex Lapin is a plush, exotic, much more rare, ranch raised type of rabbit. The fur has nothing in common with the fur of a standard rabbit. It is more similar to fur of the Chinchilla.*This fur does not shed* 

Sheared Beaver 

Soft, plush texture; evenly sheared and colored; silky to the touch 

Beaver—Natural (Long Haired)

Long guard hairs over dense underfur; sheen look to guard hairs; thick underfur 


Long haired fur; often tan or gray in color; durable and warm; long guard hair; thick underfur 


wide range of colors; long, soft guard hairs; good color 



Long, wavy hair, often dyed; long, silky hair; not frizzy  

Lamb—Shearling  Natural sheepskin 

with leather side suede; soft suede; even shearing  


Tight curls; usually black, brown, and gray; silky curls; soft, light leather 


Lightweight with silky guard hairs and dense underfur; soft, full fur; silky and lustrous look  


Long guard hairs over thick underfur; may be dyed or sheared; silvery tone; plenty of guard hair and heavy underfur



Soft, silky fur; generally expensive; soft deep fur with silky guard hairs


Incredibly silky and soft. Nothing comes close to the texture of Genuine chinchilla 

Vintage, Used and Acquired Furs at Liquidation Price levels

 We have a huge quantity of acquired furs from previously owned clientele, bankruptcies, estates, store closures or abandoned inventory. 

This magnificent abundant natural fabric has been ignored way too long.  Shop one of North America’s largest collection of rare, one of a kind, vintage furs 

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Making use of this resource is actually the most environmentally friendly fabric available.

 The science behind this claim is indisputable and made obvious from the slogan 

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

The manufacturing of new fabrics whether natural or synthetic are anything but eco-friendly.*  Please refer to the following link below. The article is one of many this one is entitled   “Fast Fashion Is the Second Dirtiest Industry in the World, Next to Big Oil”  



The practicality of Fur

The natural beauty warmth comfort and longevity of furs was meant to be utilized.   Each and every day your previously worn fur garment remains on a hanger unused is a crime. By re-sizing, re-designing and thoroughly cleaning your unused furs you bring to yourself or a loved one that celebrated feeling, the timeless esteem of the American dream !   

Custom Work Made Affordable by Experience and Efficiency

Re-designing and remodeling a fur is a master craft. Usually passed down through families, from generation to generation.   

The experienced and trust of United States Fur - Kamoshen multi-generation know-how and efficiency in our Florida studio warehouse is unsurpassed. 

The options are endless

The unused fur material or extra material left over from remodels can be transformed to an almost infinite variety of things.Detachable hoods, cuffs or collars, Scarfs, Headbands, Purses, Pocket books, Ear Muffs, Capes, Shawls, or other Evening Pieces, Golf club covers, Throws & Blankets, Muffs Hats, Trimmings, Boot trims, Pompoms and our famous Teddy bear remodels.   


Inspiration Re-invented

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