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Remodeling: Work with our experienced knowledgeable designers.


 When remodeling your fur coat there are a multitude of design changes that we can make to jazz up your fur coat or fur jacket. Many of the older fur coats are way too bulky and heavy to be worn comfortably today. Our fur remodeling service can give a new life and comfort to your fur coat.....

Get Creative


 In addition to redesigning, using your own fur material you will have access to our inexhaustible inventory of unique finds. Our designers can also work directly with you to custom re-design or re-size anything utilizing your fur material, ours or any combination of the two. Your discriminating selections of our delightful gems, combined with a touch of your inspiration will bring to fruition new fashions products that will most definitely inspire anyone…..   

Live anew in your own design


Whether making use of that outdated coat or an acquired fur, you will really appreciate making use of this beautiful natural resource. Styles are always evolving. You'll surely enjoy wearing the results of your ideas combined with our craftsmanship....  

Inspiration Re-invented  !

Remodel Re-design your fur


It's all about listening to our clients 

The most common reason people want to remodel a fur is comfort and wear-ability The full length fur coat is really only appropriate for places where people walk frequently. Manhattan night life is fine, but for those who hop in and our of a car, a full length coat is just too cumbersome.       

We can take that long mink coat, shorten it to 30" and add a detachable hood from the bottom. Tastefully turn the skins horizontal or add a fox collar and hood trim for fun. 

Your ideas,... our experience, and 


Re-size your fur


How can we correctly get your  measurements 

When re-sizing your fur we suggest that, along with your fur you ship us an article of outerwear that you do not mind us having for a short time. People wear outerwear differently. Some like to wear a coat tight and tailored. Some wear their coats loose, some people wear sweaters or suites under their coats. When we have your own garment to measure

 we wll know exactly your preferences for a perfect fit ! 

We can get your measurements from that piece better than if you came in to our location and had us measure you directly.

Repair your fur


No job small...?  

Of course, no job too big as well,... 

That goes without saying. A small hairline tear can easily turn into a large rip. Thus the adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

A well made fur coat should last for many years, but fur is organic. Nothing lasts forever. Our furrier will asses the integrity of the pelts. In some instances parts of your coat may need replacement with our matched fur. We have many ways to reinforce questionable parts of a coat.  Unfortunately many furs we see are simply too weak or damaged to be economically feasible repair. 

We always inform our clients upfront 

when a job is not feasible or just not cost effective.  

About Us - United States Fur - Kamoshen International


4th Generation Furriers From the Historic New York Wholesale Fur Fashion District

The highly skilled craftsmanship of creating and altering fur fashions has a long history, credited with establishing New York as the undisputed worldwide leader in fashion, trade and trends.


4th Generation Furriers From the Historic New York Wholesale Fur Fashion District

Fourth Generation Furriers in the United States since the mid 1800’s. Our family has always been at the center of the fur industry in America designing and developing fur designs that have been worn across the globe and on stage and screen. Both trendsetting and classic, my family has a renown fourth generation reputation  manufacturing and marketing fine furs with honesty and integrity. Today, we pride ourselves on continuing this legacy.
As President of United States Fur Group, I reflects the powerful influence of the my family in New York’s fur manufacturing market today. United States Fur Group understands how to blend tradition with, “ahead of its time” innovation, fur skin quality, value and style. Most importantly, they consider you how important your fur is in reflecting your individual personality today and for years to come.  United States Fur Group is simply the best place to purchase your furs and have them expertly serviced, repaired, restyled, conditioned and appraised. Feel free to call us toll free or visit our showroom by appointment. The knowledgeable professional fur consultants will be happy to assist you.
Conclusion: In addition to being able to buy from our extensive inventory of fine furs, both new and pre-owned, The United States Fur Group provides a full range of services, including the design and manufacturing of fur garments, repairing and re-styling, cleaning and storage. 

The fulfillment of our goal is to have every customer 100% satisfied. 


The Convenience and Affordability of Online Fur Services

 Our New York studio/ showroom/ warehouse was becoming just too small, and in order to give our customers the best value and great service we finally decided to move out of Manhattan. I’m sure my Great Grandfather, who was a longstanding furrier, would never have imagined the over-development and difficulty involved, running a factory-showroom in New York City today…..The individualized, intricate, handcrafted art of working on fur is no longer feasible and efficient in midtown Manhattan. We have decided to relocate to a much larger facility to better serve our customers. 

Now Online for convenience and affordability 

Our effortless 3 Step VIP door to door concierge service

Step 1


Initially we will discuss your job using phone, email, pictures and/or video chat. Once we establish what the work entails and an estimate is agreed upon we can go to step 2  

Step 2


 We can ship our box directly to your door using one of our carriers such as UPS or Fedex with a pre paid shipping label and shipping tape in the box. Just place the coat in the box and we will have it picked up from your home or office or you can just drop it off at a local shipping center. 

 Efficient  and  Affordable  

Step 3


 On your way, inspired in your newly re-invented upgrade. Work done ! Shipped directly to your door 

Before and After Vest Remodels

Before: Ranch Mink Coat


Most American made mink coats were made well. In most cases the integrity and  the strength of the skins outlasts their styles   

Shearing, Restyling and Trimming with Fox


The art of fur and leather craftsmanship has a long and respected history

Sheared Mink Vest with Fox Trim


Lightweight and stylish, This one was made for a woman's daughter in law

Before: Vintage Tourmaline Mink


Vintage styles are beautiful for some, but outdated and useless for others  

After: Hip reversible vest. Wear it with the fur out.....


 Wear it with the leather inside and the fur outside or ..... 

Or reverse it to this sexy leather out and fur in vest


Wear it with fur inside and the leather outside. Totally reversible 

Before and After

Before: 1970's mahogany mink coat


Nice coat, beautiful fur skins deserve to be worn and enjoyed 

After: Horizontal remodel


Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Or belt it !


Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Before : Brown mink coat


Beautiful Fur but too big, long and cumbersome 

After: Reversible to water repellent taffeta


Lightweight and supple... With the fur inside, it will be the warmest and most comfortable coat you own 

Or make do a lavish cross cut collar


Over sized collars look rich and are practical on those cold winter nights   

"Fashion Makes The World New"







Fur - The Earliest Forms of Trade, Technology, and Art


The fur trade is the catalyst that developed civilizations !

No industries known to mankind can come close to having the history of developing international commerce, technology, and the art of fashion as fur.   


"Fashion Makes the World New"

Imagine a world where fashions trends, and idea's never changed. Mankind would probably still be in the stone age. It is the emerging and ever changing world of fashion that directs our footsteps, determines the strength of economies and brings newness to the world !

"Fashion Makes the World New"  Paul Einbinder 

"Inspiration Re-invented"



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Fashion Makes the World New


Inspiration Re-invented


Your Unused Fur Represents an Environmental Resource

Used Fur is an Environmentally Benevolent Resource


The manufacturing of new fabrics whether natural or synthetic are anything but eco-friendly.* Please refer to the following link below. The article is entitled   “Fast Fashion Is the Second Dirtiest Industry in the World, Next to Big Oil”

Reduce Reuse Recycle


Making use of your unused fur resource is actually the most environmentally friendly fabric available. 

Genuine Fur is Natural


Being non synthetic, natural fur has an undeniable, organic beauty that can never be replaced by man made materials. It is bio-degradable as opposed to the oil based synthetic fabrics which may take thousands of years to bio-degrade 

Your Fur Material More Than Beautiful, Durable, Warm and Luxurious


Our designers and craftsman have the talent and experience to create virtually anything you can dream up. They will work directly with you to custom re-design or re-size anything using your material, ours or any combination of the two. Making use of your unused fur resource is the most environmentally friendly fabric available. Our designers can work directly with you to custom re-design or re-size anything using your material, ours or any combination of the two.